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The Computer Company for everyone

We sell new computers, Parts for exciting computer. We do all types of computer support from Software, Hardware, Networking everything.

Web JVRS Pty Ltd 

We are a IT Company that started 4 Years ago, our main goal was to help induvial and small business to receive the same IT Support that any other big corporate business gets. The same support at an affordable price.

We offer services like Software support, Hardware support, Networking support, Domain Registration, Domain Hosting, Web Designing, Digital Marketing and Security.

Our latest project is a company that is educating people, individuals on doing business with Takealot, Bid or Buy and even their own E-commerce Website.

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About us

We are a small IT Company, that mainly focus on Helping individuals or small Business in any Computer Related Problems there is.

Our mission

To give expert advice and help all our customers to reach their goals.

Our offer

Expert Advice and Professional Work at affordable rates.

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